Does DaVinci Resolve Support Gif? (Here’s How to Work With Them)

Does your workflow involve working with Gifs?

Do you need to import, edit, or color-grade a Gif?


Do you need to export a video file into Gif?

Today let’s see on how to deal with Gifs in DaVinci Resolve.

Let’s get started.

Does DaVinci Resolve Support Gif?

DaVinci Resolve doesn’t support Gif file format. You’ll not be able to directly import and export gifs in Resolve.

But there are work-around which can help you accomplish your gif work in Resolve.

How to Import a Gif into DaVinci Resolve?

You can’t directly import a Gif into Resolve.

When you try to import a gif inside Resolve from “Media Pool” or “Edit Page” and click on ok, the file will not be there. There won’t be any messages or warnings from Resolve.

Your aim should be to convert your gif file format to the one recognized by Resolve.

Do any one of the following:

  • Convert the gif file into an image sequence, or
  • Convert the gif file into a video file format like mp4.

1. How to Convert a Gif into a Sequence of Images?

You can google for “gif to png converter” and pick any site you want. I do the following:

  • Click on “Choose Files“.
  • Select your gif file.
  • In the quality settings, select “Best quality (lossless compression). (Or play with other settings.)
  • Click on “Start conversion“.
  • After it completes the conversion, click on “Download selected files as zip“.
  • Extract the zip file. It will display the frames in png format.
  • (When you use other online converters, please keep in mind that the names of files should be similar, as you see in the above screenshot – with only the suffix being different. If not, rename them – select all the files, click on any file, rename it, hit enter and it will rename all other files with different suffixes.)
  • Select all the files and drag and drop into Resolve (or you can import from inside of Resolve).
  • After importing, you’ll find that Resolve clubs them together into an image sequence.
  • You can then add this image sequence into your timeline.
  • If you feel the duration is less, then you can copy-paste the sequences to increase the duration.
  • You can use this image sequence like any other clip for editing, color-grading and then export into any required format.

If you face any media offline issue after importing the image sequences, then check out “Fix your DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue

2. How to Convert Gif into Mp4

(Alternatively, you can also use handbrake desktop app to convert your gif into mp4).

How to Make an Animated Gif in DaVinci Resolve?

It is not possible to make animated gif in DaVinci Resolve. Resolve doesn’t support the export of gif file format.

Alternatively, you can export your footage from Resolve as .mp4 and then convert that into gif using online tools.

How to Convert Mp4 or Other formats into Gif using Online Tool?

  • If required, update the “Optional Settings” to fit your needs.
  • Start conversion.
  • Download your gif file.

Here’s the gif file:

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