3 Quick Steps to Find DaVinci Resolve Project Files in Your System

DaVinci Resolve Featured Project Save Beginners Approach

It could be a frustrating experience for those who are new to Resolve, trying to find out the project files location.

Especially the frustration mounts up when you try to “Save As” your project, expecting Resolve will ask you to choose your destination folder…

But it won’t!

Follow these 3 steps to quickly locate your project files in the computer (assuming DaVinci Resolve is already launched).

How to Find DaVinci Resolve Project Files?

Step #1: Click on the “Project Manager” icon

Step #2: Click on the “Show/Hide Databases” icon next to “Projects”

Step #3: Right Click on “Local Database” and Click on “Open File Location”

After when you click on “Open File Location“, you’ll get the file path (also called the DaVinci Resolve database location) based on your OS.

Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects?

DaVinci Resolve saves project files on:

  • Windows = C:/Users/<your user name>/AppData/Roaming/BlackMagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Support/Resolve Disk Database
  • Mac = Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Resolve Disk Database

Sometimes Mac users find the project files saved to “/Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support….” and so on.

Double click on “Resolve Projects” and go further till you find folders which are named after your projects.

Typically, this will be the path – “/Resolve Projects/Users/guest/Projects”.

(If you’re not able to locate “AppData” folder, then it could be hidden. In your Windows File Explorer, check the box “Hidden Items” under ” View ” tab in the taskbar).

Inside Resolve, when you click on “File -> Save Project As“, this is the same location where your project file will be saved – C:/Users/<your user name>/AppData/Roaming/BlackMagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Support/Resolve Disk Database/Resolve Projects/Users/guest/Projects.

(Note: And when you double click on any project folder, you’ll find “Project.db” file, which is your actual project database file.)

So there you go!

How to Move / Export DaVinci Resolve Files?

When it comes to DaVinci Resolve, you can export the below based on your needs:

  • Only the Project file.
  • Entire project with media files.
  • The entire database (which is a collection of all of your project files).
  • Only one timeline inside of a project.

If you’re interested in the above, then click on the below post for detailed and step by step instruction:

How to Move DaVinci Resolve Projects & Databases (Quick Tips)

Where does DaVinci Resolve Store Optimized Media and Cache Files

Resolve stores optimized media/rendered cache files in the first disk that you’ve defined in the “DaVinci Resolve -> Preferences -> System -> Media Storage” option:

The cache files include your optimized media and rendered cache media.

You can also view the folder by navigating to the bottom right-hand corner and click on “Project Settings -> Master Settings -> Working Folders“:

The “Cache files location” is where your optimized media/rendered cache media is stored.

By clicking on “Browse“, you can choose your own folder on your hard disk (preferably an internal SSD).

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Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Proxy Files

You can either access the proxy files location or choose your own by clicking on “Browse” button against “Proxy generation location” which can be found under “Project Settings -> Master Settings -> Working Folders -> Proxy generation location“.

This is a new feature in Davinci Resolve 17.

Where Does DaVinci Resolve Save Media

Saving source media files is up to you to decide. So the directory is the location of your choice.

But keep in mind that, if you have an internal SSD, try to save your media files over there for faster post-production work.


As per Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve follows the concept of database for project management.

A database is nothing but a collection of all of your projects.

By default, Resolve uses disk-database, which is nothing but a folder on your hard disk, whose location can be found out by right-clicking the local database and clicking on Open File Location.

So once you know the location of your project files or database, you can then import, export your project files, save your project files in the location of your choice, etc,.

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6 thoughts on “3 Quick Steps to Find DaVinci Resolve Project Files in Your System”

  1. Thank you!!
    What an absolutely horrible way they decided to do this. Awful awful awful. Complete and utter insanity. Whose idea was this?!?!?!
    Lets say you have hundreds of projects (this is normal) and want to move to a different workstation. You have to export each project one by one, manually?? This is a work flow nightmare.
    With any other NLE you just grab the folder where everything is stored, copy to another drive and load it up piece of cake.
    Been struggling to wrap my head round this for an entire day. Still confused as hell but your article helped a lot. Been using audio editors 20+ years… never seen anything as next level absurd as this.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Actually instead of moving individual project files, you can move all of them by copying the folder at “C:/Users/your user name/AppData/Roaming/BlackMagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Support/Resolve Disk Database/Resolve Projects”. This will have all of your project files.

      For more detailed information, you can read this article – How to Move DaVinci Resolve Projects & Databases (Quick Tips)

  2. Just wanted to correct the article for Mac users — which I know is more of an afterthought here — but at least for my case, the Disk Database folder was in my USER /Users/*me*/Library/Application Support, rather than the root /Library/Application Support/ that it specifies here.

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