Recover DaVinci Resolve Deleted Projects (Crashed? 2024)

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DaVinci Resolve project disappeared? The DaVinci Resolve project can disappear after a crash or deleting the project unknowingly without saving (unsaved project).

Recovering a DaVinci Resolve project is the process of getting back your “project.db” file (which contains all of your timelines, edits, markers, etc.) using a data recovery tool.

To recover a DaVinci Resolve deleted project, download a data recovery tool (EaseUS) and install it. Select the location of your deleted project and click “Scan”. The tool successfully recovers your DaVinci Resolve project file called “project.db”.

Then, restore the recovered “project.db” file by placing it in the default project library location on your hard drive – based on your OS, Windows, or Mac.

To recover a corrupted DaVinci Resolve project file, share the file with the Blackmagic Design support engineer. They will get back to you with a recovered “project.drp” file – a project archive file.

How to Recover DaVinci Resolve Deleted Projects?

  1. Recover lost data using data recovery software like EaseUS, Recuva, etc,.
  2. Go to EaseUs – data recovery software.
  3. Hover over “Data Recovery” and select your OS.
  4. Click on “Data Recovery Wizard Free” or Pro and download.
  5. Install the software. Launch it.
davinci resolve project disappeared - recover using data recovery software
recover using data recovery software
  • Select your location (the location where the project.db might live).
  • Then start “Scan“. It might take some time.
davinci resolve project disappeared - scan and recover using data recovery software
scan using the data recovery software
  • After the scanning is done, search for your file in the search box.
  • It displays your lost file.
davinci resolve project disappeared - "project.db" found using data recovery software
"project.db" found using data recovery software
  • Click on “Recover” and select your desired location.
  • You got your file “project.db” back!
recover the "project.db" using data recovery software
recover the "project.db" using data recovery software
  • Sometimes the file might be named – “Project.db.202007260124”.
  • Remove the numbers after .db (those numbers represent the year, date, and time)
  • Rename it to “Project.db”

So now your project.db file is “recovered“.

The next step is…

How to Restore Recovered Project File into DaVinci Resolve?

  • Place the project.db file in your default database location, inside a new folder (which should be renamed to your project name).
restore the davinci resolve "project.db" file
restore the davinci resolve "project.db" file
  • For Windows, create a new folder inside “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\Resolve Disk Database\Resolve Projects\Users\guest\Projects” and save the file over there.
  • For MacOS, create a new folder inside “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Resolve Disk Database/Resolve Projects/Users/guest/Projects” and save the file there.
  • Launch DaVinci Resolve and access the newly created project from the project manager.

DaVinci Resolve 18.6/18.5:

davinci resolve 18.6 18.5 - project library location to restore "project.db" file
davinci resolve 18.6/18.5 - project library location to restore "project.db" file

DaVinci Resolve 17:

davinci resolve 17 - project library location to restore "project.db" file
davinci resolve 17 - database location to restore "project.db" file
  • If your project is not displayed, then right-click and “Refresh“.
  • The Project Manager should display your recovered project.

If, for some reason, the project folder is still not displayed, then try to create a new project library (previously known as database) and place the project.db file over there.

How to Recover DaVinci Resolve Corrupted Project File?

The DaVinci Resolve project file could be CORRUPTED if Resolve crashes when you try to open the recovered project.

In those extreme cases, head to the Blackmagic forum and upload your project.db file in the required thread (they might ask you to upload in Dropbox and then share the link).

Certain users were able to sort out their corrupted project.db files. Others couldn’t.

The BlackMagic Design support engineer should be able to help you (most probably, they get your corrupted project.db file and return your project.drp file, which you can then import into Resolve).

Restoring Project Backups in DaVinci Resolve

Recovering a project is different from restoring a project. You recover a project when it’s crashed, unknowingly deleted, or unsaved. Restoring is putting the project back into Resolve from a saved backup.

Taking regular project backups is the best solution. Resolve offers live save and regular project backups to secure your precious work.

Read the detailed article below to know more:

Tips to Save Your Precious Work in DaVinci Resolve (IMPORTANT!)

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    Worked for me! Thank you. I reset my PC trying to change the display language (who knew Windows 10 Single Language edition existed? And resetting my PC didn’t work after all = P) and forgot to export my project beforehand.

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