DaVinci Resolve Record Audio (2024 Updated Quick Guide!)

davinci resolve record audio

Can DaVinci Resolve Record Audio?

DaVinci Resolve CAN record audio under the Fairlight page. If you need to record voiceover, automatic dialogue replacement (ADR), or your own sound design like sound effects, you can do so on the DaVinci Resolve Fairlight page.

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How to Record Audio in DaVinci Resolve?

Step #1. Set up your microphone.

  • Close DaVinci Resolve.
  • Attach your microphone to your computer.
  • Launch Resolve. Now it should recognize your microphone.

Step #2. Create a timeline (if not already) which should have your video.

After launching Resolve, on the “Edit” page, create a new timeline using your video clips (if not already created).

Step #3. Create a new audio track

  • Go to the “Fairlight” page.
  • Right-click on the track header and click on “Add Track” > select “Mono“. (Mono is preferred for dialogue, you can also add “Stereo”).
  • It will add a new Audio track. This is where you’ll record.

Step #4. Patch the microphone input to your desired audio track.

  • Click on the menu “Fairlight” > “Patch Input/Output“.
  • From the “Source” > select “Audio Inputs“. It should display your microphone.
  • Click on the microphone.
  • From “Destination” > select “Track Input“. You’ll see your added track here.
  • Click on the desired audio track.
  • Click on “Patch“.
  • Now your microphone input is tied to your desired audio track.

Step #5. Solo your track if needed (or mute other tracks).

Click on “S” (solo) under your required track.

Step #6. Arm the track by clicking the “R” button.

Click on the “R” button to enable recording.

As soon as you click on the “R” button, you should see the decibel level of your microphone under Mixers > your audio track (A1 or A2 or …)

Which means the attached microphone is working.

Step #7. Mute your audio to stop hearing yourself while you are recording.

Step #8. Start recording.

Click on the record button (circle) to start recording. Make sure before recording, you set your playhead to wherever you want to record within your audio track.

Audio Related Issues

You might come across a few audio-related issues, like:

  • Not Able to Add Audio Track and Not Able to See Input Option in Mixers.
  • Microphone Not Showing in DaVinci Resolve.
  • Hearing your own Voice while Recording.
  • Recorded Audio is Lagging

Refer to the below detailed step-by-step guide for troubleshooting audio-related issues in Resolve:

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