Is Free DaVinci Resolve Safe? (Here’s What You Should Know)

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When getting started with a new software application, there are many questions around its safety, security and trustworthiness.

Especially when a high end post production application like DaVinci Resolve is available for free, it is natural to have doubts.

Today we’ll see if the free and paid version of DaVinci Resolve is safe for download and start working.

With a complete peace of mind.

Let’s dive right in!

Is the Free Version of DaVinci Resolve Safe?

The free version of DaVinci Resolve is absolutely safe to use as long as you download the software from the official BlackMagic Design Support page. BlackMagic Design company manufactures both hardware and software products which are used in Hollywood films and TV shows.

Click here to download and install DaVinci Resolve – Step-by-Step.

(After downloading, mac computers might ask your permission to open DaVinci Resolve, since it was not downloaded from the app store. You could go ahead and install it.)

Is DaVinci Resolve Secure and Trustworthy?

Davinci Resolve is completely secure and trustworthy because of the company that manufactures it – BlackMagic Design.

It has been in the industry for many years and is a leading player in:

  • Color grading (truly World class and follows node-based approach).
  • Manufacturing digital film cameras like BlackMagic Pocket cinema camera, BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, etc.
  • Manufacturing Hardwares like Fairlight Consoles, Editing Keyboard, panels ,etc, to name a few.

DaVinci Resolve, which was once a color-grading application, developed into a full-blown end to end post production software comprising – Edit, Color, Fusion, Audio post production – all in a single platform!

They release frequent updates and enhancements to DaVinci Resolve, which makes it more durable.

Which means it is completely ok to upgrade to the latest versions. (Keep in mind that the public beta versions are released with new features which could have bugs. You are free to upgrade or wait for a stable version to be released).

You also can easily roll back to the previous version if you find something is not working, as expected in the upgraded versions.

Is DaVinci Resolve PERFECT for Beginners?

Why Does DaVinci Resolve Need My Information Like Phone Number?

DaVinci Resolve, in their privacy page, clearly state that they collect your personal information for marketing, promotions and providing other services like news, materials related to BlackMagic products.

Please thoroughly read their privacy page for more information.

As far as I am concerned, I have been using DaVinci Resolve since version 12.5 was released (around 2016). Since then, I have legally downloaded and upgraded various versions (many times over the years), and each time I had to enter my personal details like:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Country, City, etc.

From my experience, I used to get occasional mails from BlackMagic telling me about their new products (launching at my city), online webinars (like setting up collaborative workflow), etc. And that’s it.

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Can I Download DaVinci Resolve Without Registration?

If you’re not comfortable sharing your personal information like phone, email, etc, during registration, you can do so by contacting them here, as per the privacy policy.

But the company says that if you opt-out of sharing personal information, you may or may not be able to use certain services. So make sure to get this right while you contact them.

For the subsequent downloads (in case of updates), you can download without registration by clicking on “DaVinci Resolve” -> “Check for updates”.

If any update is available, then you can initiate download inside Resolve, without needing to register again.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on DaVinci Resolve (with answers)

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Is DaVinci Resolve a Virus?

DaVinci Resolve is definitely not a virus or malware. And when you scan with your anti-virus (or anti-malware), it might classify it as virus because:

  • You tried to download outside of the official BlackMagic Design Support Page, which might inject virus, malware, trojans etc.
  • False positive (even after you downloaded from BlackMagic). If this is the case, then exclude DaVinci Resolve from classifying it as a virus.

DaVinci Resolve & Free Stuff (Important Things You Should Know!)

Does DaVinci Resolve Need Wifi Internet?

DaVinci Resolve does not need internet (wifi) apart from downloading the setup file for the first time. It is a standalone desktop based application which doesn’t need wifi, unless you choose to collaborate with others which involves shared databases (which requires internet).

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Is DaVinci Resolve Open Source?

DaVinci Resolve is not an open source software. Open source software is one whose source code is freely available and can be modified. Video editors like Kdenlive are open source.

My Thoughts

I have been using DaVinci Resolve for many years now with no safety issues. You can certainly go ahead and download from the official website (and not from other sources).

The fact that DaVinci Resolve is a top end post production software, available for free (legally), makes it a worthy try.

Since BlackMagic Design company has been leading from the front when it comes to post production services, you can rely on it and get your hands dirty.

If you have any other issues, the BlackMagic Design Forum will have all the answers and will have your back, even for free version of Resolve. They have support staff who try to clear all the issues faced by users (irrespective of beginners or experts).

Without wasting time, get started!

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