DaVinci Resolve Export Directly To YouTube (2024 Update!)

Featured Davinci Resolve YouTube Export

With the DaVinci Resolve 18.1 update, beginners and newcomers to Resolve can directly upload the DaVinci Resolve video to YouTube, upload thumbnail and set “Visibility” as well.

To upload directly to YouTube from DaVinci Resolve, sign in using YouTube Credentials, then go to the “Deliver” page and click on the “YouTube” preset under the “Render Settings”. Enable the “Upload Directly to YouTube” checkbox. Enter your required YouTube “Title”, and “Description” and hit render!

(Before updating Resolve(from 17 or 18), make sure to follow some important steps as outlined in the post.)

You can now also change your video’s (especially for YouTube Shorts) aspect ratio to vertical in a single click – all inside DaVinci Resolve’s “Deliver” page!

Let’s explore the Davinci Resolve upload to YouTube process in detail – step-by-step with pictures!

How to Upload DaVinci Resolve to YouTube?

  1. Sign in using YouTube Credentials in the “Preferences” box before exporting to YouTube.
  2. Go to the “Deliver” page and click on the “YouTube” preset under the “Render Settings”.
  3. Select your resolution, say, 1920 x 1080 or 3840 x 2160.
  4. For vertical video, check the “Use Vertical Resolution” checkbox. This will change the resolution to “1080 x 1920”.
  5. Choose Format > Mp4, Video Codec > H.264, Encoding Profile > High, Audio Codec > AAC (default settings should be fine for most cases).
  6. Enable the “Upload Directly to YouTube” checkbox.
  7. Enter your required YouTube “Title“, and “Description“; if needed, enable “Chapters from Markers“.
  8. Check the “Upload Thumbnail” checkbox, browse your thumbnail and upload it.
  9. Set your desired “Visibility” from the options – “Private”, “Public”, and “Unlisted”.
  10. Click on “Add to Render Queue” and then click on “Render All”. That’s it!

Now let’s see the above steps in detail.

#1) Before Exporting to YouTube, Sign In With Your YouTube Account

Signing in with your YouTube account is essential for a successful YouTube upload without any errors.

How to Sign in to YouTube in DaVinci Resolve?

To sign into YouTube in Resolve, click on the menu “DaVinci Resolve” > “Preferences” > “System” > “Internet Accounts” > “YouTube” > click on the “Sign In” button. Sign in with your desired Google account in the web browser and the setup should be successful.

If you have two-factor identification enabled, then go through that process and other required steps to successfully integrate YouTube with Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve YouTube Setup

#2) Deliver Page – Select YouTube Preset

Now, go to the “Deliver” page, and click on the “YouTube” preset under the “Render Settings”.

Enter your file name and choose your location for export.

#3) YouTube Render Settings on the “Deliver” page


Select your required resolution. But before that, if you want to upload vertical video for your YouTube Shorts, then you must enable “Use Vertical Resolution”.

(Keep in mind this feature is available from version 18.1)

If you plan to upload a vertical YouTube Short, then enter “1920 x 1080” and enable “Use Vertical Resolution”. The resolution now reads “1080 x 1920”!

Frame Rate

Set your desired frame rate, say, 23.976, 29.97, etc.

Video Codec

Select “H.264” (the default value) for rendering. You can also select “H.265” – a highly compressed codec saving you a lot of storage disk. If you are confused, H.264 should do the job.

Encoding Profile

Selecting “High” will result in a higher-resolution video file. “Auto” and “Base” will result in lower resolution ones.

Audio Codec

The default “AAC” option should be good enough.

#4) Upload Directly to YouTube

Check the “Upload Directly to YouTube” checkbox to reveal the “YouTube” upload settings.

Enter your desired “Title” for your YT video.

Enter your YouTube “Description“.

Enable “Chapter from Markers” to create chapters in your YouTube video from your markers in the Resolve Timeline. (A very cool feature!)

Check “Upload Thumbnail” and then upload your desired thumbnail (you should have already created a good-looking thumbnail for your video!)

Your YouTube thumbnail size should be less than 2 MB. If not, you won’t be able to render the video, and Resolve will throw a pop-up warning till you reduce the size.

#5) Visibility

Select your YouTube “Visibility” from the following options:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Unlisted

Be careful here.

Carefully select the option. If you want your video to be private or unlisted, but somehow forget to change the setting from “Public” – then it will be published to the world!

#6) Render

Click on the “Add to the Render Queue” button.

Then click on the “Render All” button from the right-hand side of the DaVinci Resolve window.

Pro Tip!

Before clicking on the “Render All” button, you can review the rendered video file before uploading it from Resolve. Click on the 3 dots on the upper right-hand side of “Render Queue” and select “Review Before Upload”.

Now click on the “Render All” button. The render will start and complete. You can now go to your desired location containing your youtube video and review it.

Once you are good, you can come back to Resolve’s “Deliver” page, right-click on the job and select “Upload to YouTube”. The upload should be successful.

YouTube Upload Failed?

If you get an error saying “Upload Failed“, then click on the below post for a detailed step-by-step fix!

DaVinci Resolve YouTube Upload Failed (100% Working FIX!)

Cross Checking YouTube Video Upload in the YouTube Studio

Login to your YouTube Studio account, if you have not already signed in.

Click on the “Content” from the left-hand side section, then click on the “Videos” tab. You should see your video uploaded here. The “Title”, “Description” and the “Visibility” are the same as entered in DaVinci Resolve!

If you’re a YouTuber, this feature is a time-saver.

You edit your video, finish it and upload it directly to YouTube. While you’re still uploading, you can work on your next video in Resolve!

How cool is that!

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