DaVinci Resolve Link Audio And Video Clip (3 Steps!) 2024

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To link audio and video in DaVinci Resolve, select both the audio and video clips in the timeline by “Ctrl” or “Cmd” clicking. Right-click > select “Link Clips”. The shortcut is “Ctrl + Alt + L”. Both the audio and video are linked together.

Let’s explore the linking of audio and video clips in detail, step-by-step, with pictures – which is helpful for beginners and newcomers to DaVinci Resolve (versions 18.5, 18, 17, 16, etc.)

Sometimes you might need to add music, a background soundtrack, or a sound effect to your video, especially for delivery on YouTube, Vimeo, or Film Festivals.

After importing your required audio clip, and placing them underneath the video track in the timeline of the “Edit” page, now it’s time to link them together, so that both the audio and video clips act as a single clip.

This way, it is easier to edit them together without having to align them all the time.

How to Link Audio and Video Clip in DaVinci Resolve?

  1. Go to the “Edit” page.
  2. Go to the timeline which contains your audio and video clips.
  3. Select both the audio and video clips by pressing the “Ctrl” or “Cmd” keys.
  4. Right-click > select “Link Clips“. (Shortcut for linking audio and video clips is “Ctrl + Alt + L” or “Option + Command + L”).
  5. Both the audio and video are linked together.

So whenever you move your video, you can rest assured that the audio also moves along with it. There won’t be any out-of-sync issues!

You can link many video and audio clips together so that they act as one unit. You can move them wherever you want in the timeline, with no out-of-sync issues.

How to Link Multiple Clips in DaVinci Resolve?

  • Go to the “Edit” page and then to the timeline.
  • Select all of your desired video and audio clips by “Ctrl” or “Cmd” clicking. (or draw a box around them to select).
  • Right-click > select “Link Clips”. (Shortcut = “Ctrl + Alt + L” or “Option + Command + L”)
  • All of the clips are locked together!

By default, a clip has both video and audio linked together. You can unlink audio from the video.

Unlink Audio in DaVinci Resolve

  • Drag & drop the clip into a timeline (If not already).
  • Right-click on the clip.
  • Un-select “Link Clips”. Shortcut = “Ctrl + Alt + L” or “Option + Command + L”
  • The chain icon will disappear.

The audio and video are separated and independent.

How Does Linking and Unlinking Work on the Fairlight Page?

When you work on audio clips on the “Fairlight page”, it’s a good practice to unlink audio and video before making any changes.

Because if you edit, cut or delete a linked audio clip, the same will be applied to the video clip (which won’t be visible on the “Fairlight” page). So beware!

On the “Edit” page, unlink the audio clips, and lock the video tracks, if needed, so that they are not affected when you work on the corresponding audio clips on the “Fairlight” page.

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